Should I Replace my Crown? There is a Black Line Along the Gum Line. Recently, It's Been Sensitive to Cold at Times?

Also, I had a strange pain in the area twice that lasted only a few seconds. The crown is about 2 years old. I recently had another filling replaced next to it. They took x-ray of area. He didn't mention any problems with decay. I asked him about the black line & he said that's usually the root of the tooth and that my gums recessed. The black has actually always been there though. FYI, the crown was necessary because part of my tooth cracked, so they removed the silver filling & placed crown.

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Black Line around my crown...should I have a new crown placed?

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From your description, you most likely had a porcelain fused to metal crown, which is a metal crown covered over with tooth colored porcelain to hide the metal color.  This is a very common type of crown, especially for back teeth.  The explanation your dentist gave sounds reasonable.  If there is no decay or opening around the crown, and the only concern is that when you look closely that the black line (from the metal) shows where your gums receded, then there is probably no reason to replace the two-year-old crown.  However, if the crown is on one of your front teeth, then the esthetics may be unsightly, and you might want to replace the crown.  BTW, all ceramic (non metal) crowns won't have a black line even if your gums recede.  All ceramic crowns are becoming the preferred treatment these days for front teeth because of the superior esthetics.

You mentioned that your tooth originally had a crack, which is why your dentist placed a crown on it (to prevent it from cracking more, possibly into the sensitive nerve area, which might have then required you to need a root canal treatment).  If you bite hard on a tooth, even with a crown, that has an underlying crack, that crack may be getting deeper.  Your dentist will no doubt check your tooth for "cracked tooth syndrome" if it is sensitivity to biting and has not gone away after a couple days.

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