Replace Implants with Smaller Implants?

The PS chose a range of 300cc-400cc for my 32A frame. Regretfully I chose 450cc. Although only into week two I know I want a redo; however, I noticed that on the breast that is slightly larger when I lift my arms I see the tissue noticeably tugging around the stitches. The skin is tender and sort of hurts when I stretch my chest. Is this grounds for removing implants sooner than 6months since it appears as though I might be damaging the skin?

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Replace Implants with Smaller Implants

Sorry for your disappointment. You should recover from the surgery first before planning a revision. Generally a minimum of 6 months is the norm. However, 3 months may be made as an exception.  Discuss the tenderness with your surgeon, however, it is normal to have some tenderness at the incision for the first few weeks. Speak with the surgeon to a greater extent about your options regarding revision.

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Exchange to smaller implants

It is unfortunate that you are dissatisfied with your augmentation, however I would advise you give it closer to 6 months before making a change.  You do not mention how long post operative you currently are so I can not address if it is normal for you to be tender at the incision site.  It is normal to have some tenderness at the incision for the first few weeks.  With regard to implant size, I advise you to find a board certified plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast surgery and then let him or her decide implant size and profile based on pictures or the overall look you wish to achieve.  Part of being a good PS is to pick the right implant size and profile for the patient.  I would give it a few more months to see how things settle and then make your decision.  Good luck!

Milind K. Ambe, MD
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Too Large Implants


I am sorry you are not happy with your results.  It is not clear if you feel you are proportionately too large, or you are just concerned that your body is not healing well because of the size of your implants.

Women who feel too large after surgery are told to wait, because many will become satisfied with their size later. If you are concerned that you will not heal well, or that this size implant will put you at risk for complications, you may be justified.  Based on the VERY limited discription of your pre-operative bra size and the choice of 450 cc implants, it is quiet likely that smaller implants will decrease your risk for immediate or late complications.

From a medical point of view, it is ok to re-operate immediately, and switch to smaller implants.  You should have this discussion with your doctor, and be clear about your concerns (proportion issues versus healing/complication issues).  My recommendations might differ based on a thorough physical exam.

Best of luck!

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Implant options after surgery

Definitely patients have concerns about the shape and size of their breasts after undergoing an augmentation. One needs to consider the time frame after surgery when one can have a valid assessment of the results. I typically have the patient come back in at two months which is a good point to know the shape and size that the breasts will be. If there are changes or revisions that are needed then we can plan for them accurately. Therefore, I would wait before making a decision in your situation. If you do decide to change the implants I would wait at least 4-6 months to avoid any wound healing complications. The tightness that you are feeling probably is related to the early healing process and if you are concerned contact your surgeon for an assessment.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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Replace Implants with Smaller Implants?

It isn't common to see someone unhappy after a breast augment, but when we do, most of us would want to have the patient wait at least 3 months. The breasts will look quite different by then. Your questions re implant volume is exactly why I always caution patients to let the doctor know what look you want and then let him pick the implant size. That's what you are paying him for. When I pick the size and the patient is dispeased, we take care of it at little or no cost to the patient. If the patient insists on a size and we use it and she is unhappy, the regular charges apply to redo the surgery.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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