Should I Replace Crown on Front Tooth After Braces or Replace Crown and Have a Veneer Done on the Other Front Tooth?

I currently have a crown on my left front tooth that is much whiter and wider than my right front tooth. It also has become dark at the gum line. Originally I had a space b/w my front teeth so the dentist made the crown wider to fill in the space. Should I get braces to fill in the space and then have a porcelain crown replacement so nothing has to be done to my right tooth which is perfect? Or should I replace both front teeth (porcelain crown on left and porcelain veneer on right tooth?

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Ortho or Veneers

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I would recommend you do both for best results. This would help you achieve the asthetic results I believe you are looking for.

Natick Dentist

Crown and veneer

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Yes do both, its aesthetically the best option, 

yo will have the gap closed,shape size and color done perfectly within a few days, and they woul look nice and just like natural teeth

Should I Replace Crown on Front Tooth After Braces or Replace Crown and Have a Veneer Done on the Other Front Tooth?

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Having two central incisors match identically is one of the major cosmetic challenges that all cosmetic dentists face.  To look "right" both upper central incisors (front two teeth) should be the same length, same shape, same color and be of the same material (i.e. both natural teeth, or both of the same dental material....PORCELAIN).  In your case, I would recommend a new all ceramic crown that doesn't have metal under it, and replace your old crown with that.  Then on the opposite tooth, a porcelain veneer.  If your dentist tells you to do both as full crowns, I would suggest another opinion from a cosmetic dentist who has a lot of experience.  The dentist can make both the veneer and crown of the exact same material, and thus the final result should be that both your teeth look almost identical.  And, I would recommend staying completely away from porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for your upper front teeth.  Very difficult to ever make that type look extremely natural!

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Which to do ortho vs crown veneer.

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Both are excellent approaches but it is very difficult to get a single crown to match the natural tooth.  If a veneer is done at the same time as a ceramic crown you can get an excellent color matchand make both teeth identical in size and shape.

If you do ortho and just a single crown you may want to reduce the width of the crown during ortho so in the final treatment you get the best esthetic results.  It can be hard to match a tooth which is why my lab man often comes to  my office and we can glaze and stain crowns or veneers chairside then glaze and cement.

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