Is It Possible to Replace Composite Resin Bonding That Has a Yellow Colour to It? (photo)

I have had composite bonding on two of my teeth just to the left of my front teeth that has been there for approximately 18 months. I've noticed that especially in photos that the teeth where the bonding is appear more yellow than the surrounding teeth. Is it possible to have the bonding removed and then replaced with a whiter shade to better match the surrounding teeth?

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Replacing composite it easy to do?

Yes, replacing bonded composite restorations is pretty straight forward and your dentist should have no problem removing the old material and replacing it with material that has a better color.  This is done every day by thousands of cosmetic dentists!

You should realize that composite restorations aren't as color stable as porcelain restorations.  Thus, they are often prone to some discoloration over time.

Also, ask your dentist to "test" the composite material before actually bonding it into place.  He should definitely choose the shade before your tooth has had any chance of drying out.  This is a common error by some dentists, because the shade of the tooth temporarily whitens (because it drys out) after your mouth is open for a while.  If they choose the shade later after this happens, you may end up with a restoration that is too white then.  Most commonly a correctly color matched restoration will appear slightly darker immediately after placement, and then a day later when the tooth rehydrates, the color should match.

Just explain to your dentist in advance that you want the best color match possible, and for him to take the extra time to check the color in the beginning of the dental visit before your tooth undergoes a temporary color shift due to dehydration.  You dentist should already know this, but if he doesn't, then you might want to have a consult with another cosmetic dentist who is very experienced with cosmetic dentistry and composite restorations on front (anterior) teeth.

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