Replace Butt Implants with Larger Ones in the Same Area?

Can the Butt implants I have now be removed and have bigger ones placed in the same area? Would that be a problem for me?

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Can I Replace My Butt Implants with a Larger Size?

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This is a great question as butt implants have become very common. Determining the best size for an individual person is always the most difficult decision. Also there is a limit to the size of butt implant that can be placed at an initial surgery, as the skin has to be able to accommodate the implant. After the skin has stretched and relaxed patients can then exchange their implants for a larger size if they desire.

The short answer is yes you can change your butt implants for larger ones. I typically make patients wait at least six months after their original surgery before exchanging the implants. This will allow all the swelling to resolve and the implants to settle before making any decisions.

There are not as many implant choices for butt implants like there is for breast implants but there are a few companies that offer larger implants. You still want to make sure the implants fit your body to minimize the risk of complications.

Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt implant surgeries to help guide you in your butt implant exchange surgery.

Replacement of butt implants with larger ones

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Placement of butt implants can be performed at different levels in the muscle of your butt. Depending on the level in which your original Butt implants were placed, it is possible to replace these implants with larger ones. The most important consideration is to make sure that implants that are going to be used will not pinch on important structures in your butt such as the nerves that go down to your legs. Your best bet is to work with a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience with butt augmentation and the anatomy of this region. They will be able to determine if a larger implant will impact the surrounding structures. Other options to consider are a Brazilian Butt lift where we performed liposuction on different parts of your body and then clean and process this fat and transplanted it to the butt region. In our practice, we have augmented the result of several patients who have already had butt implants with this procedure.

Larger Buttock Implants

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Yes, you can exchange to bigger implants. BUT the larger the implant, the MORE complication you may experience.

LET IT BE. If you have good results do not change.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Larger Buttock Implants

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Larger implants can be placed through the same incision typically and may or may nor require further dissection to create a larger pocket. Depending on the initial implant placement (below fascia or muscle) it should be less of a recovery than the first time around. There is always a risk of infection or wound problems with any surgery.

Christopher J. Ewart, MD
Augusta Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 46 reviews

Going with larger buttock implants

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You are quite fortunate that you have had implants without complications. Going with larger implants may put you at higher risk of complications. Since your first surgery was successful, that speaks well to the skills or your surgeon. I would consult with him/her about their opinion. Be prepared to pay the additional costs.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

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