My breasts are asymmetrical even after revisions due to poor elasticity. What else can I do?

I had a breast lift/augmentation 10 months ago with a 375cc left and 345 right smooth mod. round saline implants (from a mid-C to full D cup). The left was immediately asymmetrical and hung lower. 6 months post op my surgeon "tucked" the excess and it looked ok for about a month and now it is, again, 2 cm longer and uneven. He says my elasticity is gone and it will continue to stretch after each "tuck." Is there any better answer beside just having it fixed every 4-6 months for-ever?

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Asymmetrical After Revisions

Sorry to hear about your situation.  Skin elasticity is a factor.  And sometimes the pocket is a factor as well.  If the trouble is a pocket that is too large, that may allow the implant to hang lower or to the side.  This can sometimes be corrected with internal stitches to the pocket (I usually us permanent suture for this).  In more difficult cases, Alloderm can be used as a support material to help hold the sutures in place, and to help keep the implant in position.

Best of luck.

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