Repeated Nose Growths and Deformity Post-septoplasty? (photo)

2 years ago I had a septoplasty to fix a severely broken nose. Few months later I noticed growths on my nose that the surgeon shaved off. More growths appeared 6 months later, much more noticeable. They were shaved off and my surgeon put a steroid on to stop more growth. 8 months later after that surgery my nose begins looking caved in and uneven, and increasingly so. Surgeon tried injecting kenalog, but now my nose looks deformed! I'm feeling desperate, what are my options?

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Nasal Dorsal Irregularties after Rhinoplasty

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You do have some irregularities on your nose. You may need an open rhinoplasty and a graft such as either temporalis fascia or gortex to even out the irregularities on the dorsum of your nose.



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