I Had a TT One Month Ago, But am Five Months Pregnant, Do I Need to Do Another TT? (photo)

i had my tummy tuck last month and my upper abdomen has very bad bulge as i am pregnant with 5 months.my ps told me that during my surgery my oxyegn level went up to 85

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Pregnancy and Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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 I agree with the comments of the prior plastic surgeon.  I too am concerned with the effects of exposure to anesthesia and medication during your first or second trimester of pregnancy. I would see a geneticist ASAP to learn of this possible risk and if you have any options you may have both diagnostic and therapeutic. 

Re: Your question - It is  impossible to tell now whether you will need a revision of your abdominoplasty, Tummy Tuck, but certainly it will probably not look the same as you did prior to your pregnancy.

Effect of pregnancy on tummy tuck

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It's impossible to tell now whether you will need a revision. M concern is much more for the management of your child, who was exposed to anesthesia and medication as a consequence of the procedure.

I Had a TT One Month Ago, But am Five Months Pregnant, Do I Need to Do Another TT?

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Wow! Are you telling us that one month ago you had a TT but you were 4 or 5 months pregnant! That is a major issue in medicine Please verify that you are correct. Than seek in person opinions. 

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  It is impossible to know whether or not you will require another tummy tuck or a revision.  At this point you should concentrate on your pregnancy and don't even worry about it! 

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