Should I Do a Revision Breast Reduction? My Breasts Have Grown Back, With Extra Axially Tissue.

I underwent a reduction 8 years ago. I went from a 34 G to a 34 D. In the past few years, my breasts have grown back to their original size. I have NOT gained weight. I also had a total hysterectomy 17 years hormones also not a factor. In addition, they have also extended under my arms! I also have a lot of discoloration, perhaps smaller vessels blocked? And tenderness. Would a repeat help the vascularization and how do they get rid of what is under my arms?

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Second time breast reduction

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A second breast reduction is possible but most plastic surgeons would want to closely review the operative note from your first surgery if possible. Axillary tissue can sometimes be from increased breast tissue and it could also be from weight gain. If you have gained weight since your prior reduction then perhaps diet and exercise might help, sometimes liposuction to the axillary area can help as well. Best of luck, Dr Kerr

Repeat Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

Your  experience is not that unusual.  you may be a candidate for repeat breast reduction surgery. This operation will help to reduce the breast size and remove “extra axillary” tissue as well. It will not necessarily help the “ vascularization” issue you describe.

If you do decide to undergo repeat breast reduction surgery,  it will be very helpful to your plastic surgeon (if at all possible),  to review the previous operative report. The concern with repeat breast reduction surgery is related to blood flow to the remaining tissue;  if too much tissue is removed in one operation the blood flow to the remaining tissue (including nipple/areola)  may be compromised.   Part of the tissue that is left in place is called the “pedicle"; this segment of tissue is responsible for delivering the blood supply to the nipple/areola tissue.   Must be taken during repeat breast reduction surgery to avoid cutting the  pedicle that is responsible for “delivering” blood flow to the nipple/areola complexes.  If this does occur,  tissue necrosis may result.

 I hope this helps.

Breast reduction revision

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If your breasts are large you may be a candidate for a revision. An examw ould be key to evaluate you for this.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Axillary masses

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Axillary masses can be excised. I recommend the second breast reduction first to avoid interfering with blood supply. Without photos it is impossible to assess, but weight does shift around after menopause.

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