Repairing Excessively Filed Teeth

While filling a couple of cavities on my top right back teeth, the dentist filed my teeth down to low. So, much so that I can no longer chew with much pressure on the right side of my mouth. How can this be fixed? One dentist told me that invisilign can fix this by pulling the effected teeth down to create greater contact with the lower bottom back teeth. Is this true?

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Your Options with Invisalign

It is possible for Invisalign to extrude or intrude teeth. With the technological advancements and new attachments that can be used with Invisalign, we can now generate many different tooth movements that were not an option in years past. It is true that Invisalign can create a force to bring a shortened upper tooth down into a better contact with its opposing tooth.

The key is in the way the prescription is written by your orthodontist to Invisalign for your particular case and also the proper placement of attachments, in addition to other aids to be used to achieve the extrusion of a tooth.

New York Orthodontist

Invisalign may not be the best solution!

Teeth generally have a natural tendency to move vertically (upper teeth down, lower teeth up) until they contact the opposing teeth. If your fillings have been done recently, I suggest waiting for a while (several months?) to see if your problem is self correcting by natural eruption of the teeth. If not, I suggest having the fillings redone so that the teeth are brought in to biting contact.

Because Invisalign aligners have a thickness of aligner material between the teeth, it is sometimes difficult to get the teeth to move together. In fact, in a situation such as this, Invisalign may make the problem worse. I don't believe I would recommend Invisalign under the circumstances you describe.

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Invisalign can allow the upper teeth to move down into position.

An invisalign aligner can be cut short in that area and not cover the two molars in question. The molars will then supererupt down untill they touch the lower teeth..This may take a while but it is a safe and effective way to regain your bite. There can also be a way to do it with a full mouth bite adjustment or maybe higher fillings could be put in the regain contact. Several ways to fix this problem as you can see..Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign does not extrude teeth well

The quick answer is redo the fillings, leaving them taller than now.  The investment for Invisalign is pretty high to solve such a simple problem.  If you were going to do Invisalign for other reasons, I suggest waiting on replacing the overcontoured fillings until treatment is done.  If Invisalign can fix this problem, it will be more coincidental than intentional, as Invisalign does not rotate, intrude or extrude very easily.

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