How to Repair Skin Damaged by Fraxel Laser?

I believe 100% that the fraxel laser made my skin worse. It has large holes, tiny lines, and some parts look like an orange peel. I had 2 treatments of the 6 I was told I needed to help with fine lines. Well I have alot more lines than I started with. Is there anything I can do to repair the damage done by the laser?

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Hoes in your face after a Fraxel Laser

The holes created by the Fraxel Laser are micro-holes and very difficult to see with the naked eye. I have no idea why you have holes in your face, as we have been doing Fraxel lasers for 7 years and I have never seen this problem. I wonder if you have another problem causing ulcerations, etc. Perhaps you should be evaluated by your physician or get a second opinion by someone who uses Fraxel Lasers.

If these are simply depressions, it could be that you are losing volume and need non-surgical injectable with fillers to resolve this problem. The Fraxel lasers are not intended to correction volume problems.

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