Repair of Previous Mohs Procedure?

I had a Mohs procedure on the tip of my nose to remove a basel cell on June 26th. The wound was about a centimeter. On the same day a plastic surgeon did the repair with a flap from the top of my nose. Though it is healing well, welling is gone, and looks a lot better than it did, there are ugly and obvious bumps on my nose. I will have a post op visit with the plastic surgeon on July 30th, but I'd like to know in advance what kind of repair surgery can be done to get rid of the bums.

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Bumps of the nose after MOHS repair

It sounds like you are having a pretty normal course. The bumps may be due to the sutures that are dissolving or to the ointments. They will go away.

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Treatment of bumps after Mohs surgery

Those bumps may subside with time and should be evaluated by the surgeon who performed the repair.  If they don't subside, it may be thickened scar tissue (such as a hypertrophic scar) which often responds well to small steroid injections.  If it's uneven in texture, it often will respond to dermabrasion or possibly targeted laser resurfacing.  While it does not likely require it, some repairs can also be revised surgically as well but you would want to wait at least a few more months so that the site has adequate time to heal. 

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Improvement of Bumps After Skin Cancer Surgery

First off, your best option is to discuss with the doctor who performed the repair whether everything is healing as expected and whether you will need another procedure at a later time. The fact that things are improving is a good sign, but just ask the doctor.

It really takes 6-12 months to get the final result following any type of surgical procedure. Sometimes the scar may be dermabraded or a revisional procedure done or intralesional steroids are used. Most of the time nothing is needed.

Good luck.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
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Repair of previous Mohs site

A lot of this depends on time. Your Mohs surgery was done less than a month ago, so I would not recommend doing anything drastic like another surgery at this point. Your body needs time to heal the site - a minimum of six months I'd say - before you can really assess what will need to be done and possibly repaired.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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