Can I Repair my Teeth Befoe Turning to 18?

few years before while playing cricket i was stumbled over a rock and fell down due to which my front incisor(the right one)was a bit broken and...nothing else happened...but after 2 years the left incisor start growing and some times when i eat corn i feel bit swelling on the inner side of gums of RIGHT incisor and it is getting dull in color day by day .it is also a bit inward and the left one is moving outward plz doctor help me because due to this i really lose my confidence while speaking

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Central incisor after trauma

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From the symptoms that you describe it sounds like the pulp  (nerve in root canal) is not vital anymore. Probably the swelling can be associated with periapical infection and forming abcess or fistula. This tooth needs to be treated, almost immediately. Do not loose the time to save this tooth. The dentist will need to clean the root canal and fill it in order to decrease all the infection. Possibly this tooth will also require a crown, but it can be decided during the treatment plan with your dentist.

Don't delay - it is easier to fix small problems than big ones

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Teeth have a blood supply and nerve supply.  When a tooth is traumatized as it was when you fell the blood supply can be interupted.  Sometimes it can take years to feel any problem in the tooth and so people don't do anything about it.  It seems that now you are having symptoms which sound like they are related to your accident.  Whatever the cause, the best course of action is to see your dentist and have it assessed.  There are many options that are just fine for an 18 year old.


Good luck!

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

When to start treatment for dark teeth

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Sound like  your nerve is dying in the tooth, and the necrosis is causing darkening. Do go to the dentist ASAP. Sooner is always better.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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The sooner the better when fixing teeth

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There are many possibilities of problems and solutions with this tooth.  It may be the nerve, it may be the tooth structure, it may be the position.  All things must be considered and diagnosed, and treatment should be done soon.  A visit to the dentist right away is the first step.

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