Repair Of Hole Inside Nose From Implant Extrusion?

Hello, I had an silicone implant removed 7 months ago due to extrusion on the inside of my nose. The hole has not healed. When I blow my nose air sometimes fills up under the bridge of my nose. Is this hard to repair? What are the chances of it healing properly after repair? I have had two rhino surgeries. When this is repaired is it out of the question to have my tip balanced at the same time? I am scared because it will be my third surgery and I don't what this to be a life long problem.

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Revision of hole in the nose after rhinoplasty

You may have a sinus tract or fistula to the area.  I would schedule an early scar revision or rhinoplasty revision to close the defect. 

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Rhinoplasty Revision After Silicone Implant Extrusion

Fortunately, in the hands of experienced revision rhinoplasty expert your situation can likely be repaired. It would certainly be hard to repair for your average plastic surgeon. But when done by someone with revision rhinoplasty expertise, the likelihood of having a successful outcome is much higher. Without a full consultation, it is difficult to give you any more of an idea of how successful the surgery might be. If you have revision surgery, there is also a good chance that the nose can be reshaped cosmetically at the same time. Do your homework to ensure that you end up in the hands of a true rhinoplasty specialist. 

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Repair of Hole from Silicone Implant

It's possible that you have a fistula or connection between the inside of your nose and the undersurface of your skin. If this is the case, it can be fixed with repair of any other cosmetic deformity you may have. I have performed this surgery in the past. See links below for more information.

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Hello Lm

We do not know where the hole inthe nose is. If it is involving the setum and there is septal perforation then it will need to be repaired. This can be complex. The air filling the bridge of the nose is because there is a connection between the hole and the bridge of the nose. The reason is that when the silicone bridge implant was removed. the capsule was not and this did create a pocket. To repair this will require an open anrhinoplasy to remove the capsule on topp of the cartillage and the capsule on the upper soft tissue, this will reqire a very delicate reoval of the capsule without injury to the sift tissue. Injury to the soft tissue will create depresions and scarring and deformity to the bridge of the nose. You will need an experienced plastic  surgeon who understand the cpsulectomy and the deilcacy of that surgery to the aesthetics of the nose. The immediate use of tissue glue to assure the two surfaces stick is paramount.

The closure of the hole will require  flap closure to assure permancy and complete closure. This will require an experienced plastic surgeon


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