Possible to Repair Double Eyelid Surgery?

After getting a double eyelid surgery, my left eyelid created its own crease which formed a triple eyelid. Is there a way for me to get the double eyelid back?

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Yes you can recreate your double eyelid through tissue grafting

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Yes you can recreate your double eyelid through tissue grafting.  The reason that this occured was because there was too much tissue / fat taken out of your eyelids. Basically you have to reset the crease to the new level and if it is lower you will most likely need to harvest tissue and graft in the area.  For a triple fold, you need to essentially fill the area of the triple fold with tissue. I have some videos on my website that describes this.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revising double eyelid surgery

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It is possible to have double fold back rather than a triple fold, but you need to go to a very experienced oculoplastic surgeon who has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries to get this exactly the way you like it.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You can correct previous blepharoplasty surgery

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You can correct previous surgery by taking down all previous adhesions and scar tissue, and start anew. This is not difficult and healing takes teh normal length of time.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Revision asian eye

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Asian eye surgery is very critical and requires an immense expertise.

Repair of the surgery is more difficult.

But it can be repaired, depending on what was done in the original surgery.The primary reason for surgical request of the oriental eyelid is to create a lid crease. There are several issues that need to be taken in consideration when creating a lid crease.
1: The height of the crease
2: The shape of the crease
A parallel crease follows the curvature of the upper lid.
Tapered crease, tapers the crease medially down
Laterally flared crease will slant the lateral part of the crease slightly flared higher.
Arched crease will be slightly higher at the center portion of the crease.
It is important to remember that within the Asian population, the incidence of natural crease varies.
About half of those from Chinese origin will have a natural lid crease, while only one third of Korean origin have a natural crease.
It is common for natural creases to vary in shape, height, and its presence between the two eyes of a same individual. About 10% of Asian people show a natural crease on only one of the two eyelids.
Surgery to create a fold in the upper it should not severely alter the ethnicity, otherwise the eyes will look artificial and operated on look. The fold position can be recreated at different levels ranging from two to ten mm in height. The procedure has to take in consideration the amount of fat present, the presence of concomitant eyelid drooping (ptosis), asymmetry of the eyelid fold, and asymmetry of the face. Therefore creating absolute symmetry is very difficult if not impossible. The expectations has to be realistic.
When surgery is done under local anesthesia, it allows the patient to open and close the eyes on command so that the surgeon can see the result and modify for asymmetry.
Open incisional technique is used. The incision is made exactly where the fold is to be created. Very little skin need to be taken out depending on the height of the fold. A small strip of muscle is removed, exposing the fat and the orbital septum. Rarely fat need to be removed rather pushed upward. The skin sutures include upper skin, the exposed levator aponeurosis muscle the lower skin. Several of these sutures are put to create even fold through the length of the fold. The rest of the skin is closed.
Subsequent scaring will create the fold permanently.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Double eyelid surgery

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If your surgery was recent, may be best to wait until the healing is completed. Sometimes residual swelling or scar tissue can create an abnormal crease. If surgery was over 6 months ago, then the crease reforming "on it's own" is less likely. There are techniques to rebuild the eyelid crease. Some include non-surgical, such as fillers. There are other surgical methods to improve the crease.

Jeremiah P. Tao, MD
Irvine Oculoplastic Surgeon

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