How to Repair a Cut Inside the Labia Through Rough Sex?

I have been struggleing with this since I was 18, I had uk.nhs.treatment to try fix it but ot made it worse, eveytime I have sex this internal cut opens upagain and its agony I have to stop, as the penis is in it stretches the skin again and it literally tears open again, its a livin nightmare and someone must know how to help me please. would I plastic surgery or a skin graft to cover that area of skin on the opening of my vagina? help pls. lindsey

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Labiaplasty/Vaginoplasty to Correct Unstable Scarring

The labiaplasty procedure is most commonly performed to correct enlargement and discoloration of the labia minora. These changes can occur with aging, childbirth and intercourse. In addition, the inner labia (minora) can interfere with exercise and intercourse, and cause women to become self-conscious with intimacy. Less commonly, the labiaplasty or vaginoplasty procedures can be performed to correct scar tissue around the introitus (vaginal opening). Scar tissue can develop from sexual trauma and childbirth (e.g. episiotomy); when the healing is incomplete, or when the healing process is repeatedly disrupted (i.e. with intercourse) the scar can become unstable, resulting in an ongoing (chronic) wound to develop. In most cases, rearrangement of the existing labial and vaginal tissue is sufficient to allow for healthy tissue healing and normal scarring to occur. In extremely rare cases (most often in vaginal deformities from birth) skin grafting can be performed (e.g. McIndoe Procedure) to re-create the vaginal opening. Seek consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which treatment is right for you. This is a correctable problem that does not need to be an ongoing source of pain and discomfort.

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Cut inside the labia

I need photos to make an adequate evaluation.  The treatment will vary depending on the location of the cut.  Please include the photos so that I can give you guidance. 

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Repair of labia tear

I would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in labiaplasty.  After direct physical exam of the area, s/he will be able to give you a better recommendation for treatment (surgical or otherwise).  Glad to help... 

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