What to do if you realize that the implant size you got is too small?

I am a little over a month post op and I'm having size regrets. I got saline implants that was a 360 filled up to 390 ccs. I kept telling my surgeon that I wanted to make sure I was big enough and although he understood, I felt he was very hesitant. Now that I've given it sometime to heal, I find myself wishing I went bigger. I know that this is common but I hate that I spent so much money but not 100% sure bout the size.

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What to do when your surgery is over and you wish you went larger?

If you had a major role in choosing the size, then it would be suggested that you focus on the good that has come from your procedure and enjoy the benefits to your curves and fit of clothes.  If you have to be larger for certain outfits, you can alway use a padded bra but when the evening is over, you still have ample fullness.  And if this isn't good enough for you, then you are looking at another procedure to place larger implant.  Often during the 'cooling off' period (6 months), most people become content with their new look and this feeling goes away.If your surgeon chose for you and guaranteed you would be a certain size (but I don't know of any surgeon that would do this), then you need to sit with your surgeon and discuss options since whomever chooses bears a lot of the responsibility on the outcome.

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What to do if you realize that the implant size you got is too small?

Thank you for your question. Congratulations on your recent breast augmentation surgery.
Even though you are a little over one month postop, it's still very early in the overall healing process. Over the next 2-4 months your breasts will continue to change in their shape and appearance. As your implants drop, the lower portion of the breast becomes more around and can appear larger.
Give yourself some more time to adjust to your new body image. 

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What to do if you realize that the implant size you got is too small?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at your stage of recovery will feel that they are too big or (more commonly) too small. I routinely ask my patients to wait at least 3-6 months before evaluating the end results of the breast augmentation surgery. This waiting time allows patients to (usually) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image. 

From the physiological standpoint, it takes many months ( and even up to one year) to see the final results of surgery. factors such as swelling, tissue contraction, skin redraping, implant shifting etc. come into play. You may be pleasantly surprised wants to be "drop and fluff" phenomenon has occurred. You may also be happier once the swelling AROUND the breast implants dissipates and the implants' shape and projection become more visible. Patients often report that they are happier with the cleavage area once these changes occur also.

From the psychological standpoint, patients undergo an “adaptation period" during which time they get used to the changes that the surgical procedure has brought about. Severe emotional swings can also occur after any type of surgical procedure.

Sometimes,  assuming the patient's specific "anatomy" allows,  re augmentation with larger breast implants may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. There is a specific (or standard) "waiting time" prior to undergoing revisionary breast surgery.  In your case, I would suggest continued patience and continued close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.
Best wishes  or an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term.

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Unsure about Implant Size after Breast Augmentation #breastaugmentation #breastimplants

  • One month out from a breast augmentation isn't a lot of time because your breast shape will change over the next 2-4 months. 
  • In general, it's best to wait at least 6 months after breast augmentation before undergoing another operation to exchange the implants for a different size. 
  • There is a chance that in several months you'll be happy with the size of your breast implants, so definitely try to be patient, if at all possible. 
  • We have found that having our nurse assist our breast augmentation patients with breast implant sizers in our office at the initial consultation, and then again at their pre-op visit, really helps our patients choose the correct size implant to meet their expectations. 
  • Although we help guide our patients when choosing their breast implants to help meet their goals, the final decision on size is theirs to make. 
  • Hope everything works out for you, and thanks for sharing!

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You are still early in your healing process, and your implants have not yet completely settle. Give yourself time to adjust to your new look. Remember, this is the size that you and your doctor selected. Please discuss any concerns you have with your doctor.

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