My two top canine teeth have not grown down to its spot in over 2 years. I don't know what to do! Help please! (photos)

The rest of my teeth are fine except these two. They are still up in gingivitis gum and won't come down. I haven't gone to a dentist and last time I went, they told me to wait until they grow out for braces. That was like a year ago.In the picture you will see one side of my tooth they way it it. Please ignore my face and everything around it, Please focus on my teeth. Thank you

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How to Get Canine Teeth To Erupt

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The reason your two canine teeth have not fully erupted is because there is nowhere for them to erupt. You have a severe shortage of space in your upper dental arch. This is caused by a severely underdeveloped dental arch. 

The good news is that your underdeveloped dental arch is easy to fix. All you need to do is where an arch development appliance for a few months. Once sufficient space is created for your canines they will begin to erupt into place. You can aid in their eruption by using braces.

Good luck!

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