Will Retin A help with old, fine stretch marks on breasts? How soon after a breast lift with implants can you start using it?

I am 2 weeks post-op from a vertical mastopexy with augmentation, 300cc unders. Everything is healing up fine at this point. However, now that my breasts are looking better I am a little more bothered by the numerous white, fine stretch marks I received 3 years ago while breastfeeding my son. Would Retin A help? How soon after a breast lift with augmentation can you start using this product? Or, is their a better option out there?

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Breast Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks occur when skin is stretched to the point where permanent damage occurs to elements in the deep layer of skin. Some stretch marks can be improved in appearance with treatment but there is no treatment I am aware of that will completely eliminate the stretch marks on your breasts. Best to consult with your surgeon before using any topical skin products or other treatments for the stretch marks. 

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