Orthodontist says treatment is complete, but I disagree. What should I do? (Photos)

I've been in braces for 18 months. My orthodontist recently told me that my treatment is complete and he would be removing my braces at the next visit. I was very surprised by this announcement because one, as my overbite is wider now than when I began, and two, my bite is all wrong. My cuspids and bicuspids hit first when I closed my teeth and my back molars only touch when I clench my teeth. My orthodontist is a very poor communicator and now I'm worried. Should I seek a second opinion?

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Done means the orthodontist met his goals not yours.

I would suggest looking into the DNA Appliance to orthopedically grow your maxilla to creat a full wide smile.

There are growth and development orthodontist and those who are not.

You could benefit from a growth and development approach unfortunately it will incur additional expenses.

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