I had a double mastectomy three 1/2 weeks ago. Should I see my surgeon to have the fluid drained?

My drains were removed 4-days ago. I now have fluid collecting at each breast site with a lot of pressure with moderate pain.

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Fluid collections after double mastectomy

It is not uncommon to experience fluid collections after a mastectomy. Sometimes it is necessary to have several follow-up visits with your surgeon to have this fluid removed. Normally the removal is painless and straightforward. You should contact your surgeon and express your concerns.

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Fluid collections after bilateral mastectomy

You should call your surgeon today and discuss your concerns.  Even though it is a holiday weekend, this concern should be discussed without delay.  Your surgeon can then decide on the most appropriate time to see you for an examination.

Best wishes.

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Fluid after drain removal

I would recommend contacting your plastic surgeon’s office.It can happen that after expander based reconstruction, a seroma can form and at times this needs to be drained.Best of Luck.

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