15 days post-op. Hard then soft. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi I am 15 days post and they are hard for a few hours then soft and it keeps going back and forth. Has anyone experienced this or k ow if it's normal?

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Feelings 15 days after breast augmentation

This would appear to be entirely normal.  If your implants were placed under the muscle, often during the post-operative course for a number of weeks, the muscles can contract and relax intermittently, and when the breasts contract they feel firm.  This is a normal post-operative course, but as always, to make certain there is nothing more serious going on, you should discuss this with your operating surgeon.  The good news is that after several months the muscles adapt and the implants will become 'a part of you'.  

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Hard then soft after breast augmentation

if one ( or both) sides get swollen firm and more painful and more bruised there could be a hematoma which could need to be drained.  Temporary firmness could be due to flexing the pectoral major muscle assuming that the implant is retropectoral.

Breast feel after surgery

Thank you for your question. Fluctuating feeling of firm then soft, is likely from swelling or tightening of the muscles. This should improve and resolve with time. Be sure to bring up your concerns with your plastic surgeon at your next postop visit. Best, Dr. Kludt

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It sounds like you are describing temporary muscle contractions or fluctuations in swelling. This is commonly reported and resolves between 1-2 months usually. If you note drastic, concerning changes, let your Plastic Surgeon know,

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Hard and soft

You may be experiencing some episodes of swelling, especially after some use of your arms. This swelling will increase the feeling of hardness. If you have any concerns, please let your surgeon check you.

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