Can I achieve the breast I want with no lift just an augmentation? (photos)

I don't want to do a lift. Is there anyway possible to achive my goals with no lift?

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Breast Lift/Augment

Thank you for the question and photos. Your best options will depend on your measurements and on your aesthetic goals. If you wish your nipples to be elevated and for a fairly perky result, Implants alone will not achieve that. I recommend that you book your consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can show you images of results having started from a similar place as you.
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Lift or no lift?

An exam would be needed to be certain but your photos suggest you could have a generous augmentation first with the knowledge that a lift may be needed to achieve your goals... as your goals are quite perky.  Always best to go with augmentation first and focus on maintaining the upper pole fullness (so don't drop your fold) and then decide if its good enough for you.  Why take on the risks, scars, and costs of doing the lift at the same time?  And if you can tolerate the injections, its likely that you could have your lift under local in the office.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Your Problem More Complicated than Just Ptosis

Hello,I am certain that after an augmentation alone, you will be very unhappy.  First, you won't look like your wish pic. But worse, you will realize that your breasts are even more asymmetric than before.  You have ptosis that demands a lift, but  you also have size and ptotis asymmetry.  The unwitting surgeon that performs a simple augmentation on you will likely choose a larger implant for your smaller breast, and a smaller implant for your larger breast.  The result is the smaller breast will be more filled and tighter, your larger breast will seem less so. It will actually accentuate the problem, not fix it. Go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that specialize in all forms of cosmetic breast surgery, not just implants.  Your scars will be inconspicuous and your shape will be optimized. The end result is a prettier, sexier breast, even with the scars.Best of luck!

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Can I achieve the breast I want with no lift just an augmentation?

Thank you for your question.Careful in person examination and measurements are used to determine whether someone would benefit from a lift. However, based on your photos, it appears that you would benefit from adding a lift to your surgery. I don't think that you can obtain your wish photos without a lift procedure. You appear to have pseudo-ptosis, which is excess skin hanging below the crease beneath your breast. This excess skin will hang off the implant and will not give you the appearance that you desire.I understand your desire to avoid a lift surgery, and thankfully a breast augmentation and lift procedure can be separated into two operations. As you can tell, some surgeons believe that you will do fine with simply a breast augmentation. It's completely reasonable to move forward with a breast augmentation surgery, wait 3-6 months and see how you look. If you're happy, then you're done. If you have some excess skin, or sagging that you would like to improve upon, then you can have a lift procedure performed during a second operation. Separating an augmentation and lifting surgery is common. And some surgeons exclusively perform their augmentation and lifts in this manner.

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Can I achieve the breast I want with no lift just an augmentation

I think the size you desire is possible with an implant alone, and your appearance in a bra might also be pretty close, but out of a bra I do not think you will have the appearance like the photo you show without the bra as you are a bit more saggy than her.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Thank you for the question. Looking at your wish photos, it looks like you want to increase volume significantly. Adding a large volume implant will certainly fill out the skin and provide some lift, however implants alone won't correct any asymmetry present or give you the same lift as if you did a mastopexy. If you want the large volume like some of your wish photos do implants only. You may decide later on that you want your breasts lifted, which is easy to do at a second stage.

Elizabeth A. Kinsley, MD
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Can I achieve the breast I want with no lift just an augmentation?

The final appearance after an augmentation reflects the original anatomy. If you look at the preop status of the wish photos, they do not have the droop and low developed breast that you have. You can get a nice look, but not that look. Your final look could be somewhat like the wish photo labeled 16/59 but your asymmetry will be a problem. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation question

Hello and thank you for the question and the photos. Yes, you can achieve that look and shape. it will require a large high profile type round implant. You didn't indicate how tall you are, but a rough guess would be something in the 600cc +/- range. Second, you have ptosis or sagging. Implants will NOT correct this. It may make it look better and fill some of the loose skin, but it won't take away the sagging. Plus you have some asymmetry. No one wants breast lift scars. However, if shape symmetry is very important to you, it is still the gold standard. If your primary concern is how you look in clothing, then just do the implants. You can always come back later to do the lift. As always, it is best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health concerns are managed by your primary care md. Best to you. 

Bennett Yang, MD
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Lift - yes or no

Thanks for your question and pictures.  You look like a patient that would highly benefit from a breast augmentation with lift procedure.  Work with a board certified plastic surgeon if you are worried about scarring, costs, or other matters to ensure you have the best possible outcome. If possible, find a surgeon with 3D imaging to show you specifically how a breast lift would help you to reach your post-operative goals.
Wishing you all the best,Steven Camp MD#HappyCamperMD 

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With just implants, you will be bigger, but not lifted. One side does appear to sit lower than the other side. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing all your options. The gummy bear implant could also be considered, but it does not give that round fake look.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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