What is More Ideal and Cost Sensitive for a Young Woman? Cheek Implant or Restalyne? (photo)

I am planning to get facial plastic surgery. I have included two pictures. One of my actual appearance, and the other of my ideal appearance. I have soothed the marionette lines, nasalobial lines, forehead dent, and under-eye lines. I have also contoured more of a cheek/nose and removed volume from the chin/neck/jowl area. Would liposuction and/or a cheek implant alone give me my desired look with exception to the forehead? Or would fillers/chemical peels be needed for the more subtle changes?

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Properly performed filler is a more flexible approach.

A one time cheek implant might be more cost effective but it requires surgery, the volume can't be altered as your face changes.  In contrast the fillers can easily be adjusted and because of their flexibility, it is easy to alter how your  treatment is done to keep up with changes in your face.  Looking at you photos, I think you could have very nice benefit from top of cheek and chin volume.  What is important is to see the right injector.  The medispa is not the place for this type of care.  You actually need to have service from a surgeon who understands facial anatomy.

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