Procedure to Renew Old Porcelain Veneers?

Due to severe Tetracycline staining I resurface the upper eight teeth with Porcelain fronts back in October 1999. Eleven years later, the shape and condition of the porcelain fronts is still great but the dark teeth are beginning to show through. Is there any procedure for renewing my look without complete replacement? I wish to have my lower teeth address but I'm on a limited "cosmetic" budget. Thanks

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There is no way to renew old veneers

Dental materials improve every year, so while the current set has allowed the colors to show through now, a new set likely will not.  Most replacements of veneers today are due to desire to improve the color and not due to material failure.

Unfortunately, this is not the answer you hoped for.  Full replacement is the only way to fix your situation.

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