Removing Veins / Temple Veins means Less Return While Leaving the Same Supply of Arteries?

Removing Veins / Temple Veins means less return while leaving the same supply of arteries? ...As a result if we are left with less return and a full supply are the arteries then either the arteries or veins are Under Increased Pressure? ...Is there an Increased Risk? ...Of Vein Bursting or Poping? ...Or Aneurysm? ...If Not Please Explain Why? Thank You in Advance

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Treating Temple Veins

Temple vein treatment does NOT lead to arterial or venous aneurysm formation. This is a rather childish proposition and completely wrong. The people who write these things have no understanding of cardiovascular physiology. As a cardiovascular surgeon like me who is alos board certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and you will get the right answer. And you got it ..

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No increased risk.

There is no increased risk of a another vein bursting or becoming aneurysmal following vein removal in the temporal area or anywhere else.  This is because veins have the ability to accommodate more blood by a process called capacitance whereby they can expand and decompress as the situation demands.  In addition to this, there are many collateral veins throughout the body which will help with the blood flow.  There is no compensatory increase in pressure by removing veins.

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