Does Removing the Under the Muscle Deflated Saline Implant Decrease Breast Volume?

My saline implant deflated seven days ago. The breast looks pretty good in terms of size. Will I look significantly flatter when the empty shell is removed? Is the deflated shell adding much mass? Thank you for any info!

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Removal of Completely Deflated Saline Breast Implant Will Not Reduce Breast Size

Thank you for your question. The shell of the Saline Implant is quite small so removal should not deflate your breast further. If it is only partially deflated and 200-300 cc's are still in the implant you may see a difference

Breast Implant Deflation and Breast Volume?

Thank you for the question.

Assuming that your breast implant has COMPLETELY  deflated,  than what you see when you look at your breast  is probably very close to what you will see after the breast implant is removed. In other words, if the breast implant has completely deflated the “deflated shell” is not adding much mass.

Unfortunately,  often there is no way to know for sure (besides using ultrasound…) how much saline remains in a partially deflated breast implant.

If you and/or your plastic surgeon feel that ( based on physical examination)  your breast implant has completely deflated,  and you like the current look/size,  then you may want to consider not re-augmenting the breast. It would certainly be to your advantage not to have to deal with the potential downsides of breast implants if you are pleased with the size/ appearance of your breasts.

I hope this helps.

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Removing a Deflated Saline Implant MAY Decrease Breast Volume


The shell of your deflated saline implant has next to no significant volume if it is COMPLETELY empty. 

If you still feel fluid in your implant, it is partially deflated. This volume within the implant will be lost from your breast with implant removal.. 

  • My best advice would be to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.
  • Your implant may be warrantied by the manufacturer, which probably means a free implant and warranty funds (depends upon the implant company and time since your surgery) to assist with the replacement.

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Deflated saline implant

If your implant has completely deflated then the voluem of breast you see is what you have had sitting over the implant. Removing the shell shoudl not change the size significantly at this point

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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