Can Removing the Nasal Spine Make a Nose Look Shorter

In which circumstances is it beneficial?

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Removing part of the nasal spine can make nose appear shorter

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The nasal spine in conjunction with caudal septum is composed of both bone and cartilage.  When a trim of the septal cartilage is done and the nasal spine is partially removed, it does make the nose appear shorter.  Please refer to our photo gallery for many noses where this has been performed.

Removal of Nasal spine - is it helpful ?

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Hi,Removal of nasal spine can be of help if the profile is disfigured or the nose shape dis-figuration is cause by the projecting spine .If the spine is projecting it will make the nalo-labial angle blunt which should be between 110 to 120 degrees in women and more sharp in man.This is just a guide line and facial harmony depends upon the general configuration of the over all face .

Nasal Spine Removal during Rhinoplasty

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Removal of the nasal spine will not make the nose appear shorter. Nasal spine reduction is generally performed when the spine contributes to the appearance of an obtuse angle between the lip and the nasal columella (bottom portion of the nose) when viewing the nose from the side. Hope this helps.
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