Removing Sutures Post Explantation. I Can't Go to My Original PS. How Do I Choose a New One?

My PS will not see me for a follow-up visit, or even schedule me for suture removal. (long story). I have called a few other docs, who are afraid of some conflict with this doc if he finds out. My Primary Care Physician is out of town, and her replacement doesn't feel comfortable doin it. It has been 8 days since my explantation and I'm wondering what to do. It was explained to me that the removable sutures should come out in 10-12 days. Any advice?

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Issues with Plastic Surgeon and Suture Removal?

Your situation seems very unusual;  without knowing details it is hard to help you. Generally speaking, you will be better off resolving whatever issues exist with your plastic surgeon and have him continue to take care of you.

Best wishes.

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Best To See Own Surgeon for Care Continuity

Your Plastic Surgeon has an obligation to either remove your sutures as part of the global care associated with the procedure. If you have been discharged from his/her practice then it is the plastic surgeon's responsibility to refer you to other care options to avoid abandonment of a patient. I would simply call his office and ask for their advice.

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Explantation breast implant

Call your surgeon, resolve whatever issue  you had remove the sutres then change physicians.

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