Will removing protruding stitches 10 years after Otoplasty change ear shape?

Hi, I had an Otoplasty done over 10 years ago, but the stitches have always been prominent or visible. They're not coming through the skin but just visible through the skin. More on the right side. I went to see a surgeon and he said he could just remove them with with a local anesthetic and a small incision and the ears will still remain in the same position. Just looking for some more opinions on this situation. Thank you.

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Removing sutures after otoplasty

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Thank you for  for your question. There should be no issues with removing visible or palpable sutures 10 years following an otoplasty. By now enough scar tissue should have formed in order to hold the ears in their current position.I hope this helps and good luck with the procedure.

Visible Sutures 10yr Post Otoplasty

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These sutures can be removed without reservation. At this point in time, scar tissue is keeping the shape of the ears, not the sutures. Consult and trust your surgeon.

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