Removing Painful Stitches from Capsulorraphy?

can you remove painful stitches from a capsulorraphy and leave the implants in? what would be the options to do in a case like this? recently had breast revision and went with smaller implants.

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Breast capsule revisions

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You certainly can remove sutures from your capsule repair. However, you run a very distinct risk of detrimentally altering the result of your operation in terms of contour and breast shape.

Painful Capsulorraphy

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Reoperation is no little thing, and removing sutures may be harder to do than you think, especially if surgery was more than a month or two prior (you didn't indicate).  If prior surgery was recent, removing sutures would be easy, but relapse of issues that drove you to having a capsulorrhaphy may recur.  If it was more than a few months, sutures will usually buried within the capsule and hard to find and remove with out undue trauma.

If your capsulorrhaphy was within the last month or so, please be patient.  Occasionally I have a patient that has long term discomfort (sharp, under breast).  This eventually fades though.  You should just follow up with your doctor to keep him apprised of your status.

Best of luck!

Removing Painful Stitches from Capsulorraphy?

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As you can imagine,   online consultants with limited information will not be able to provide you with specific  enough advice to be helpful. Generally speaking,  capsulorraphy can be removed;  of course potential downsides with this maneuver may include recurrence of the original breast implant displacement "problem" ( which the capsulorraphy was meant to correct) and the potential that you will continue to have discomfort. In other words, removal of sutures will not necessarily guarantee eradication or improvement of pain.

 Best to communicate your concerns/questions with your plastic surgeon who knows your situation best.

Best wishes.

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