Will Removing my Implants Help Lower my Nipple After a Breast Lift That I Feel is Too High?

I have original ba and lift in 2009, had a revision 5 months ago and my left nipple is much smaler and i feel way too high. i am so upset and im hoping removing them will lower my nipple.....I did not have any breast really before my first surgery and am very worried but im ok with them being small but just want to make sure they look "normal"

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Removing Implant May Not Lower Nipple

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Unfortunately, removing your implants may not lower your nipples. Based on the information you provided it sounds like you may have “bottomed-out,” in which case you may need your infra-mammary fold raised. Moreover, you may want to keep the implants as it gives you more fullness and the appearance of normal looking nipples.

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Lowering Your Nipples

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Not necessarily. Although bottoming out is probably the cause of the nipple being at too high a level, moving the pocket and the implant higher may work out better than simply removing the implant which may not be the answer. Correction is not an easy procedure.

Lowering a nipple

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It is difficult to answer your question of whether removing an implant will change nipple position without actually at least seeing a photo. If the pocket is over dissected and the inframammary fold too low then removing the implant will give an appearance of a lower nipple. Similarly, correcting the implant position may also solve the problem. If the fold is in the right spot and the nipple still too high then excising skin in a horizontal direction will bring down the nipple.

Jason Pozner, MD
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Implant removal may not lower the nipple after a lift

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The position of the nipple relative to the collar bone may not change after the implants are removed. Still it is possible that you may look a bit better balanced, especially if the implant point of projection is just under (lower) than the nipple which will cause the nipple to 'look upward'. A better way to pull the nipple down is by a reduction of the distance of the nipple to the breast fold with a horizontal skin reduction (anchor).

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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