Will Removing my Breast Implants Make Detecting Breast Cancer More Difficult?

I have one deflated implant. It is starting to bother me. I was trying to wait until I had the money to have a lift and have them replaced, but I can see that this may not ever happen, so I want to have them removed. Will that make mammograms more difficult? Will scar tissue make detecting breast cancer more difficult when the implants are gone?

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Removal of Breasts Implants and Cancer Detection?

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Thank you for the question.

Removal of breast implants will make mammography  less difficult;  more breast tissue will be visualized on radiographic evaluation. The scar tissue will remain unchanged and should not affect breast cancer detection. As Dr. Edwards suggests, self breast examination will remain an important part of cancer surveillance.

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Breast implants and mammograms

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If anything removing the breast implants will probably make surveillance a bit easier for the radiologist. Patients with implants should be aware that approximately 10% of breast tissue can be poorly visualized on mammography which is why self breast exam is also still very important for you. I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards

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