Removing Lip Fat Nodules Through Excision

I wish to remove my fat graft in my upper lip, which I had done last year. If the fat nodules are removed by making a small incision, will the transplanted fat literally squeeze out, leaving the surrounding lip tissues intact without removing the natural fat surrounding these fat bumps, and not thinning the lip prior to what it was before the graft? Since my case isn't a total disaster, will the lip tissues assume their natural pre-grafted shape once swelling resolves? Many thanks

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Fat graft removal

Fat grafts should give pleasing fill and contour and after they have been in place three months or so they take up residence as living tissue and can be difficult to remove. Surgical removal may be to only solution, though a touch up between the 'nodules' may smooth your results.

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Reversing fat grafts

Reversing fat grafts isn't as easy as you make it out to be.  If the fat is alive as it would be in your case, it won't just squeeze out.  Also getting back to your pretreatment look unscathed is no guarantee!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Fat Graft to the lip

Your fat graft in the lip is well taken, vascularized. The fat is within the muscle fibers. Taking it out will leave some deformitysuch as a depression , asymmetry and so on. The lip will not be exactly as it was before the fat graft. Discuss all this with your plastic surgeon.

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Trying to remove fat grafts from the lip

If the volume of fat injection in the lip has maintained itself for a year or more, it means that the fat is living in the new environment by having had new blood vessels grow into the tissue and collagen formation has probably formed attachments to the fat and anchored it in place.  Simple expression after incision may not be possible and this could be a traumatic procedure causing much swelling and bruising short term, and indentations, and firm irregularities. Discuss these risks with your surgeon.  Corticosteroid injections may thin the fat but there may be systemic risks and even depression in the lip. Make sure you know all your risks before undergoing treatment to reduce the fat.

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Fat Removal from the Lips

The fat cannot simply be squeezed out through an incision. After 1 year, blood supply has matured and the fat needs to be dissected and excised. With good planning, your surgeon will be able to determine your future lip shape beforehand - of course with some reasonable margin of surgical variation. 

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Removing fat from the upper lip.

Removing the fat nodules of the upper lip depends on how much surrounding scar there is and how the surgeon did it. Without examining the lips it is difficult to say how good the final result would be. See an experienced surgeon to get the best results.

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