Removing L-shaped Gore-tex + Nasal Spectrum Cartilage Used on Tip?

I had an open rhinoplasty (Gore-tex L shape+ cartilage extracted from my nasal spectrum to support the tip of the L) performed in January 2013, the result is dreadful. I am planning to have a revision to remove and undo all that was done. Would I be able to get my original nose back?? What are the risks of removal? What are the procedures taken? Will my nose be in risk of being destroyed further more? What happens now that parts of my nasal spectrum cartilage was used up? Please help me doctor!!

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Nasal implant removal and shape

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Nasal implant removal may leave your nose appearing flatter. Commonly the dorsum is rasped to freshen the surface so that the graft adheres to the soft tissues and allows the graft to sit properly.

Removing L-shaped Gore-tex + Nasal Septal Cartilage Used on Tip?

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 Sadly, no.  When an L-shaped nasal implant is used, the existing nasal bone and cartilage needs to be significantly removed in order to accommofdate the implant.  Once the implant is removed, an open roof deformity typically exists.  This requires breaking the nasal bones towards the midline to close or placement of another dorsal grafting material.  Either way, the shape of your old nose would not be achieved by simply removing the grafts that were placed during the previous open Rhinoplasty....that nose is gone forever.  

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