Is Removing Facial Fat Graft Possible?

Eight months ago, I had fat grafted to my upper face. I get depressed looking at my photos before the procedure. I looked so much better. My cheeks now are overfilled and crooked. I'm currently pregnant (6 months) and can't do anything about it, but I like to have some hope for future. I'm still slim and i haven't gained much weight, but I do want to get my old face back ASAP. What are my options? Can the fat grafted on my face be removed and will I look like I did before?

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You have several options

Obviously, you are going to wait until the pregnacy and post period is over, and that will get you to over a year and a half after grafting. Considerations of micro-liposuction can be determined by your doctor. Steroid injection may play a role, but have a high risk profile with skin atrophy. Time may also help as you will have some absorption.

It is unlikely to be able to return to pre-injection face, but hopefully you can have adjustments to make it better.

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Facial fat grafting revision during pregnancy

Pregnant women should not undergo surgery for fear of risking the health of the unborn child. I would include large amounts of steroid injections in that category.

Even after pregnancy, breast feeding and the impact of an anesthetic on the newborn baby also needs to be considered. Often it is possible to pump the milk, have an anesthetic, then resume breast feeding once the anesthetic has cleared from the system.

Once these factors are no longer an issue, a revision may be possible. As with any elective surgery, the patient should have a clear idea of what is going to be done before any procedure is done, especially a revisional one. You should choose a surgeon with great experience in revisional facial surgery.

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