Removing Excess Fat from Under Eyes Fat Injection?

I had Fat injections for my under eye hollows which caused lumps. Please help me. Are there any chances to remove the excess fat or all of it by blepharoplasty or anything else?

What can I do before the fat is detached and before it's too late?

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Fat injection to lower eyelid complications

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Fat can be removed and this can be preformed with a variety of techniques. Traditional lower lid blepahroplasty procedures allow access to this fat and correction of the localized problem.

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Bad eyelid fat transfer can be fixed

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The bad news is that under eye fat transfer is a very technical procedure and in the wrong hands, can lead to disastrous results. About half of my practice now involves revisions of bad fat transfers, fillers,and bad eyelid and facial surgery.

The good news is that it can be corrected. Transplanted fat can be shrunk, suctioned out or surgically excised, and it is possible to restore your contour. You didn't say how long it has been since your surgery. If it's still early, it is possible to disrupt the fat so that it does not become permanent.

If you plan to be in the southern california area, I would be happy to see you.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD
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