How Can Removing Essential, Healthy Fat Ever Be Good?

Fat regulates hormones, supplies energy, helps absorb vitamins, pads and insulates, and so on. Our bodies need a certain amount of healthy fat to function. If fat is suctioned out, and balanced diet/sufficient exercise remains the same, the necessary fat will be regained and redistributed. Instead of solving a problem, you create more, often causing deformities, chronic pain and long-term complications for patients. Aside from money, how do your ethics allow you to ignore this basic physiology?

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Liposuction does not remove all the fat. only 40-60% of the fat is removed at best. as well-qualified board certified doctors we know what the fat physiology is all about and we do not recommend removal of all fat.  

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How Can Removing Essential, Healthy Fat Ever Be Good?

         Having liposuctioned bodybuilders and fitness competitors (who maintain less than 10% bodyfat), I can tell you that the visual changes are undeniable and well maintained.                                                                                                                                        In an average woman who has greater than 20% bodyfat, the removal of a few hundred ccs or even a few thousand ccs has a negligible impact upon overall fat stores.  Liposuction allows for spot fat reduction and an improvement in contours and is not used to deplete the body of fat stores or for weight loss.  The basic physiology is that the depletion of fat cells in an area allows for that problem area to not regain fat at the previous rate.  The redistribution only occurs with weight gain and does not occur spontaneously.  Contour deformities can occur but do not typically occur in the patients of surgeons who are asked to perform liposuction every day, several times a day.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction and fat distribution

Yes, a certain amount of fat is necessary for your body, but liposuction does not remove it all. Furthermore if your weight is stable, and your diet/exercise is balanced, you will not add more fat to other areas.  

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