Removing Compression Garment for Weekend Okay?

I had smartlipo and cellulaze last Friday, feeling great and brusing is going away. I have to do something this weekend that is going to keep me from wearing the compression garment. I know this is not recommand and bad but I dont have a choice really I have to be in clothes that wont work with this at all. If I sleep with it only over the weekend and then go back to 24-7 Monday will this effect my results permentanyly or just prolong healing? I just dont want it to cause permenant damage, help?

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Garment and liposuction

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I prefer that patients wear their garment all the time except for showering for the first 3-6 weeks.  You should ask your surgeon.

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Smart lipo

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You are correct. Not wearing the garment is not a good idea. On the other hand I am not aware of any studies showing results of temporarily taking the garment off   good luck

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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