Removing Collagen Injection from Breast?

I just want to ask, is it possible to remove the collagen injected in the breast? Because I have done it, but I feel the muscle pain in my chest. Is it normal?

I am worried that might cause breast cancer. Please help me about my problem.

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Injection of collagen in the breasts not standard in the US

I noticed you are in Singapore and wanted to drop you a note primarily for readers who are in the US. It is not standard practice for injection of filler (such as collagen, restylane or juvaderm) into the breast except in the unusual case of contour deformities after reconstruction. There is some work being done on use of autologous fat for very small volume augmentation but, this is not yet "standard of care."

I would ask your surgeon about your discomfort. As with collagen injected in the face, it should be broken down over time; how long it will take, I'm not sure anyone knows.

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