Removing 'Bow Stringed' sutures after 10 years?

Hi, I had an Otoplasty done over 10 years ago but there has always been some of the permanent sutures bow stringing across the back of both of my ears. I am wondering if it's okay to have these removed and is there any likelihood of my ears protruding again. Also how common is this mistake? When I first had it done the surgeon never even commented on it when I went to have the post-op check up and for a few always believed it to be normal. Thanks,

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Removing 'Bow Stringed' sutures after 10 years?

The sutures that were used to pin your ears back were "permanent" sutures which do not dissolve. They occasionally appear years later under the skin and can be removed easily without causing your ear to return to their original shape. The sutures are no longer needed.

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Removing bowstringed sutures in ears 10 years later...

should not allow your ears to return to what they were as the sutures are often loose at this point in time. Your surgeon (whomever removes them) should be prepared should any undesired changed develop with the suture removal. But again, this isn't anticipated.

Curtis Wong, MD
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