Could removing blue temple veins increase the risk of migraine headache?

Could Removing Blue Temple Veins Increase the Risk of Migraine Headache?

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Temporal Veins Do Not Cause Migraine Headaches

Temporal veins are common and do not cause migraine headaches. Straining your temporal muscles because you have migraine headaches can cause more engorgement of temporal veins and that is why you are noticing them. 

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Removing Blue Temple Veins

In a study done at out practice on over 40 patients whose blue temple veins had been treated, that was never reported. The cause of migraines is very complex, but it is typically based on arterial spasm initially, not from superficial veins on the face.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
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Treating temporal veins will not change migraines.

Removing blue temporal veins will not affect migraine headaches in any way. These veins can be treated safely in many ways.

John Landi, MD
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