Best Way to Remove Too Much Fat in the Face?

I Had the Fat Injections Three Years Ago.

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Too Much Fat

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If it is too much fat in the face that was injected,. Possibly liposuction can help. The issue is to know at which level the fat was transfered to. In deep injections there is a risk of facial nerve damage.

Consult your plastic surgeon

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Too much fat injections

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There may be no easy way to remove the fat if you are unsatisfied with the result of your fat injections.  Corticosteroid injections could unevenly thin out some areas but make it look lumpy and irregular, and it is a medically risky treatment as the amount of steroid needed for a whole face might have complications.  Liposuction might cause an uneven result and traumatize vital structures as the fat injections might have been placed into muscle layers.  Also, liposuction done in an area that has already been treated will involve placing a cannula through scar tissue and this can traumatize nerve endings and increase bleeding. You should see your surgeon who performed the fat injections to discuss what treatment, if any, would be appropriate.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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