Best Way to Remove Scars?

It's been over eight months already since my face/chin surgery and scars around the ears are very raised and red. My PS wants to keep injecting steroids, three time with no positive results He had told me he would do revision, but now he just wants to keep treating them with steroids. He told me himself thar it was no good to have more than three in a year. Please help!

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Improving the appearance of facelift/necklift scars

Steroids will sometimes help flatten raised scars, but will do little to address the redness.  There are a few lasers available that may be able to reduce the redness along the incision lines, such as a pulsed-dye laser.  The scars may be red and raised because of excess tension on the incision, so a revision will be successful only if the skin can be closed in a tension-free manner.  

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Treatment of scars on the back of the ears

Fresh scars that have grown can be managed in the early phase with a combination of IIT, pulsed dye laser, and pressure. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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