Replaced Medpor Chin Implant With Sliding Genioplasty, Is The Indentation Permanent?

I removed my medpor chin implant of 3 years and opted for sliding genioplasty combined with mandible jaw reduction surgery. It's been 2.5 weeks since the operation and I notice an indentation in my right chin where the jaw meets, it looks like the skin is stuck to the bone in that area. The contour of my left jaw and chin is smooth and connected, only the right side looks very wrong at the moment. Will it go away in time? What can I do to smooth it out? Is it bone resorption or scar tissue?

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 Two and a half weeks after surgery is too early, You still have a lot of swelling. Wait for the 12 weeks mark re evaluate. If there is any irrigularity then it needs to be evaluated whether it is boney or soft tissue problem and deaal with it accordingly

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