Removed Implants. The Left Breast Is Now Deformed and The Shape Has Changed. Can This Be Fixed?

I had implants for 5 months (300cc on both), and removed implants 5 weeks ago. As time goes, the shape of breast changes. I was told to massage the area, so that's what I did. I massaged the incision area several times a day. Is it because I massaged? I didn't massage hard. I did it gently. Can my breast be back to normal like the other side? Please help. I'm so depressed. I don't know why this things happened to me. Should I stop massaging?

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Breast implant removal with progressive deformity.

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Chronologically, scar contracture is at its worst 6-12 weeks after surgical intervention.  Keep on with frequent deep massaging as this will influence healing and help restore natural glide between tissue planes.  If residual deformity exists after 6 months, surgical revision may be necessary.

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~Quit Beating Yourself Up

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It has NOTHING to do with what you are doing or not doing.  Let it heal and soften.  You may benefit from alittle fat grafting in the depressed area. Dr Grant Stevens 

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Breast implnt

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Two things need to be explained.

What was the position of the implant?

Was the capsule removed?

What incision was used?

You have scar cotracture now, the scar will change and soften with time, 6-12 months.

Depending on the answer to the above questions and the proper diagnosis, may need surgical intervention earlier.

If a periareolar approach was used, then it looks as if the breast tissue was nor repaired and this caused scarring to pull on the nipple areola.


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Breast shape after removal of breast implants

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Your breast shape may continue to change for several months after breast implant removal. You should wait at least six months before considering any corrective surgery.  Your breasts may never be symmetric again, however, it may be possible to restore better symmetry once the tissues have healed and softened. Massaging shouldn't hurt your situation.

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Massage after Implant Removal

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Please allow yourself time to heal. Keep massaging to soften things up.  I don't think it's anything you did after surgery, I just think you need to give things time to heal before worrying about what kind of revision you will need.  Keep in contact with your surgeon and allow him/her to help you through this.  No one ever has "perfect" breasts to begin with and who knows, with time, things may heal to the point that you are happy.  Give yourself time.

Breast revision is common after implant removal

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It appears as though you're getting internal scarring.  This may have to be surgically removed and a small lift may have to be done to get an aesthetically pleasing result.

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