How Can I Removed a Huge Keloid Scar That Has Been on my 14 Year Since She Was Little?

My daughter has had her scar since she was 2 and she would like to have the scar removed. Can you give me cheap options to remove my daughter's scar. Please help her! Thanks!

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Surgical scar revision for keloids, choosing the type of keloid treatment

Unfortunately, there are no 'cheap answers' for keloids. Keloids tend to recur and thus need close aftercare.  I think that you should go to an experienced keloid surgeon who can advise you on whether surgery is required or not.  I perform countless keloid procedures and believe that many do not require surgery. 

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Removing a huge keloid scar

I would advise seeing your dermatologist to assess the nature of the scar and the best treatment options. Most likely, injection of the scar with cortisone will be helpful, with or without liquid nitrogen treatment. In some cases, the scar can be surgically cut out if it is a reasonable size and in an area where the skin is stretchable so the wound can be closed into a thin line with sutures.

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