Mondors Chord Breast Implant Removal

was having very little pain up until 2 days ago. Pain in area below left breast. radiates down to my abdomen. was told this was mondors chord. but i dont see the chord like in usual cases. nor do i feel it with my fingers. i am currently 60lbs over weight. i thought perhaps my extra fatty tissue in the area may prevent me from seeing it. is it possible to have mondor's chord but not see the actual vein/chording? there is no bruising, swelling, redness in the area. all looks normal. it is also numb.

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Mondor's cord

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I think I just answered this question, but a Mondor's cord is superificial thrombophlebitis, and you should feel it and see it.

Mondor's cord after breast implant removal

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You could have a cord or other inflmmed entrapped nerve. Generally these resolve but may take up to 6-9 months. Occasionally warm conpressed and motrin may help to ease the discomfort, if permitted by your surgeon.

Breast implant

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If it is mondor, then the treatment may include antibiotics. It is self limiting, and should resolve.

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