The Best Way to Remove Wrinkles Around and Under Eye?

hi i am 42 years old look is very important to me,because i am a Tv REPORTER. may i know what is the best to correct hollow look around eye and also those wrinkles around and under it? i also have a narrow face which recently lost fats due to aging around jaw area,what is the best solotion? my 3rd complaint is the long distance between my upper lip and nose when i am talking my upper lip covers upper teeth and make it not pleasant and i like to have fuller both lips as well. thanks

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Rejuvenation of the Eyes

Dear elie.toronto in Toronto, ON-

I believe Botox and and a light skin resurfacing treatment would be the best option to treat the wrinkles around the eye area.

After looking at your pictures you may have a condition called ptosis. This is when the eyelid rides low on the eyeball in the area of the pupil rather than higher in the area of the colored iris. Ptosis gives a sleepy, droopy appearance to the upper eyelid. If you think this may be the case an oculoplastic surgeon is the best surgeon to consult.



Tom Kaniff

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Surgery vs. Non Invasive Procedures

I believe that at your age ,you don´t need surgery. My recommnendation is Botox for the periocular wrinkles  and Juvederm for increase of lips, cheeks and  "tears trough"

Enrique Pedro Gagliardi, MD, PhD
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

Improving facial aesthetics

Lengthening of the upper lip is part of the aging process. At your age and stage of aging you are between the time of needing and not needing surgery. The important thing is not to get too much surgery to early. The only thing I would recommend is botox for the area around the outer corners of the eyes and some filler to the upper lip. Don't overdo the upper lip be conservative.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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You would benefit from upper eyelid ptosis surgery and under eye fillers.

Dear Positive

Bright eyes help one look relevant.  The heavy upper eyelids make people believe that you lack energy.  You are also compensating for the heavy upper eyelids by raising the eyebrows.  In the lower eyelid, yes you have a variety of lines and folds.  However, this can be improved with top of cheek treatment.  You do have significant under eye hollows so I would plan on up to 3 ml of under eye treatment.  That service with upper eyelid ptosis surgery will make you look 10-15 years younger.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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