How to Remove a Vertical Hypertrophic Scar on my Forehead?

I always have to use my bangs to cover my scar. It's so ugly, wide, and pink. What are my best options to severely reduce the appearance of my scar? Is it really necessary to wait a year after my trauma to get a scar revision? It has been 4 months since my accident, and I want to be able to show my forehead without constantly using my bangs to cover it. Please don't mind the pimples on my forehead. It's so strange that I'm breaking out around my scar.

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Scar on forehead

I don't a picture attached, but since the scar is only four months old, it is possible that a steroid injection could help with the healing and make it less noticeable.  If that doesn't help, then most likely you will need a surgical scar revision.  I would see a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon to have your scar evaluated and see if the injection might help.  

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How to Remove a Vertical Hypertrophic Scar on my Forehead?

Unfortunately, I don't see any attached images. Typically for significantly widened, atrophic scars, the best and only option for improvement is a surgical scar revision during which the scar is cut out and repaired leaving a finer, less noticeable surgical scar. Lasers, tattoos, creams and fillers can be used but are typically less effective on the widened, sunken, white colored scar tissue. I hope this information is helpful.

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